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Fun Kids Activity During Bad Weather - Library Day

Posted by Matthew Mulroe on
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Kids getting “cabin fever” during the cold weather? Or just getting restless with nothing “new” to do (for all you lucky west coasters and southerners not dealing with cold weather)?

A fun and easy way to get the kids out of the house and engaged is a non-pressured trip to the library. Yes, the library! Remember how even though we all hated studying for tests in school, there was always something comfortable and appealing about grabbing a cup of coffee and heading to the library to hunker down for a few hours? Heading to the library with your kids to let them explore can be a great way to get their minds focused on something other than the TV and iPads. Grab your kid's favorite drink and snack (maybe a MATT N' MIKE'S? ; )) and head to the library for a couple hours to let your kid roam the aisles and pick out whatever peaks their interest.

Going to the library doesn’t have to be associated with only “boring” school work, and you might be surprised by what your kid finds that interests him or her.

Whether it’s fun, fact, or fiction, letting your child explore the library is a great way to get their minds engaged and exposes them to the joys of reading that we now cherish as adults (as we all know, finding time for reading can be a challenge!)

Of course, we know this doesn’t come easy for all kids, but showing them that reading and learning can be a fun activity in a non-pressured situation is worthwhile.  And, even if reading isn’t something they enjoy (or struggle with), there are plenty of things to explore in a library (including music in many), and it can be a great way to pass a couple hours! So give it a shot.

- Meaghan (sister of MATT N' MIKE)

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