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About Us - A Story

In the Fall of 2016, Matt and Mike Mulroe, two brothers from Chicago, were working in high pressure law and investment banking jobs when they started to place an emphasis on fueling their bodies with proper nutrition to combat the stresses of everyday life. Treating food as medicine was an entirely new concept, and when they saw the health benefits, it stuck. Growing up in a large working-class family, healthy and clean foods were only found at the dinner table with home cooked meals from our mom. But outside of dinner, our family lacked the education around proper nutrition. And food companies didn’t make it any easier. They stocked the shelves with highly processed products that were filled with refined wheat flours, sugars, syrups, and minimal real food. With that came a low, affordable price. The problem is, those foods are pure, adulterated crap that lack the real nutrition to properly fuel our bodies with the energy we all need to meet the demands of life. Luckily, certain things have changed. 

Over the past decade, the “good food movement” has made vast changes in the adult snacking category, where you can find everything from grass fed beef sticks, cricket protein bars, and a variety of tasty seed and nut mixes. But in 2016, when Matt and Mike’s sister had her third child, they noticed something…she was stressing about feeding her kids healthy foods for every meal and snack of the day. As a full-time working mom, she felt helpless to get her three little girls the proper foods they needed to grow into strong, healthy adults, and she simply didn't have the time to prepare fresh snacks throughout the day. And the cricket protein bars? They weren’t going to cut it.

A quick walk down the kid’s section of a Whole Foods revealed the lack of high quality, real food snacks that could provide adequate nutritional value for kids with a taste they would enjoy. Filled with carb-loaded crackers, sugar filled breakfast bars, and sugar bars posing as “real” fruit snacks, the kids healthy snack category was in need of some serious innovation. 

Suddenly, it clicked. Fueled with a passion for entrepreneurship, Matt and Mike spent over a year in their mom's kitchen developing a convenient snack that met the needs of their sister and the taste demands of their nieces. After much trial and error and the approval of their nieces they created the SuperKid Bar, a delicious snack bar with minimal added sugar and real food ingredients that would help all kids snack healthier.

Through our SuperKid Bars and future product lines, we hope to help families like ours create healthy eating habits for kids early on. Stay tuned for updates on what we are working on next.  

- Matt n' Mike