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What is a SuperKid Bar?

A SuperKid bar is a soft and chewy nutritious snack bar made specifically for kids 12 months and up. Containing only natural and wholesome ingredients, each bar is made with almonds, real fruit, spinach and chia seeds and sweetened with honey and natural fruit flavor extracts. Each bar contains over 18 vitamins and minerals, 3-4 grams of protein (depending on flavor) and 3 grams of fiber.  We wanted to help kids snack healthier, so we came up with the SuperKid Bar as a way for kids to enjoy a delicious but healthy treat.

Why SuperKid Bar and who are Matt n’ Mike?

Our founders Matt n’ Mike, two brothers from Chicago, saw their sister struggling to provide healthy snack foods for her three little girls. As a working mom, she simply didn’t have enough time to always prepare fresh and healthy snacks. We looked at the market and were amazed at how poor the options were for kids. So many “kid friendly” brands contain no real source of nutritional value and the ones that do had processed fillers to get their nutritional content up. Many of the snack products marketed towards kids are often made with cheap, processed ingredients, and unnecessary amounts of processed sugars (even the “healthier sounding” ones) and oils and other fillers that kids simply don’t need so much of. So we went to work and created the SuperKid Bar – a natural, convenient snack, with simple ingredients, but packed with nutritional value for keep your kids healthy, happy and full!

Are SuperKid Bars processed or baked?

No, SuperKid Bars are not baked. We combine our natural ingredients together using a mixer, roll them out, and cut them into bars. Our ingredients are as close to their natural state as possible.

Do SuperKid Bars contain a full serving of fruit and vegetables?

No. The SuperKid Bar is only 30 grams total, and does not necessarily contain a full serving of fruit and vegetables. Our intention with the SuperKid Bar wasn’t to provide a full serving of fruit and veggies, but simply to offer a snack that was clean, natural, healthy and tasty! We packed as many natural and vitamin packed ingredients as we could into the bar, all while keeping taste and texture top of mind so that a young child would still enjoy it! We strongly believe that the SuperKid Bar is a product that families can use as a much better alternative to the plethora of processed and high sugar foods marketed toward kids that contain little nutritional value.

Why don’t SuperKid Bars contain more protein?

The idea behind SuperKid Bar was to create the healthiest and tastiest snack we could, all while keeping taste and texture in mind. The protein in the bar largely comes naturally from the nuts. To increase protein, we would have to use added fillers or more nuts that would compromise the taste and texture of our delicious SuperKid Bar, so we avoided that!

What’s in the natural flavor used in the SuperKid Bar?

The natural flavors we use are purified extracts from natural sources and come from natural sources of extraction. Those extraction methods ensure that the finished product doesn't include any synthetics/chemicals and is FDA compliant. All flavors are derived from 100% plant, fruit, or vegetable matter.

Are SuperKid Bars allergen free?

SuperKid Bars are dairy free, soy free, and gluten free. However, SuperKid Bars are made in a facility that processes other products that may contain those allergens. So, it’s possible that trace amounts of tree nuts, soy, dairy and wheat products are present in the bars.

What is the shelf life of the SuperKid Bar?

9 months from the date it’s made, but most customers eat them well before that time frame! The “Best By” date can be found on all of the individual wrappers.

Is there added sugar in the SuperKid Bar?

Yes, we use a small amount of delicious honey to help bind our natural ingredients together; honey also acts as a great natural preservative to keep our bars fresher longer! The blueberries we use in our blueberry flavor also contain a very small amount of cane sugar to help naturally preserve the blueberries. However, the vast majority of the sugar in our product is naturally occurring from the fruit ingredients, with only 2 grams of sugar coming from the honey.

Is the SuperKid Bar a good source of vitamins and minerals?

Yes! Each SuperKid Bar flavor contains 18 vitamins and minerals. All of the vitamins and minerals present in our SuperKid Bar are naturally occurring from each of the awesome whole ingredients we use! We do not need to use any added supplements, because our ingredients handle the job!

Does the SuperKid Bar contain any chemicals or synthetic ingredients?

No. Our products contain absolutely zero chemical or synthetic ingredients. We use lightly processed whole ingredients to create our natural SuperKid Bars.

Are SuperKid Bars safe to bring to school?

SuperKid Bars are made with almonds, so it is best to contact your school directly regarding this question as some schools have a strict nut-free policy.

Do SuperKid Bar freeze/melt?

When placed in a freezer or fridge our SuperKid Bar will become more solid, but will not freeze. This can be a great way to introduce MATT N MIKE’S SuperKid Bar as a tasty dessert! Additionally, our product will soften when placed in a heated area, but will not melt. We recommend you store the SuperKid Bar in a cool, dry area to preserve freshness.

What ages are SuperKid Bars suitable for?

We recommend SuperKid Bars for toddlers and kids ages 12 months and up! But, we know many of our customers love our bars as a low calorie snack option for adults!

Can first-time customers get a free sample of SuperKid Bars?

Unfortunately, we do not ship out free samples. But, we do offer a trial size 6 pack, which is a great option for first time customers. Also, we do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if you’re not happy with your purchase, please simply email support@mattnmikes.comand we’ll make it easy for you to return your order and will issue you a refund.

Do you offer refunds if we don’t like the SuperKid Bars?

Yes! We do have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if you’re not happy with your purchase, please simply email support@mattnmikes.comand we’ll make it easy for you to return your order and will issue you a refund.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes, when you place an order for 2 or more boxes of SuperKid Bars!

Are SuperKid Bars vegan?

No. We use honey in each bar.

Are SuperKid Bars Non-GMO?

Yes, each of our ingredients are Non-GMO. We source ingredients using strict standards and require each ingredient to be Non-GMO compliant.

Are you Project Verified Non-GMO?

No. We have not gone through the certification process of being Project Verified. Most of our ingredients are inherently non-GMO. For the ingredients that aren’t, like natural flavors, we use strict standards and require paperwork from each supplier ensuring our ingredients are Non-GMO compliant.

Are SuperKid Bars Kosher certified?

No. Unfortunately, SuperKid Bars are not currently manufactured in a facility that is Kosher certified.